Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sweet on Samoa 11/28/2016 aka The First Letter From Samoa!

Dearest Famili & Friends!

It's been a second hasn't it! Last week our chapel internet decided not to work so I couldn't tell you about my First week here in Samoa. But all is well. I haven't stopped smiling since I left the MTC! Hahaha! I'm so green, and I love it. After about 25 hours of flying I made it!! We met up with the New Zealand Elders and Sister in New Zealand, which made things about 10x more exciting. Sister Vaovasa (Mesake! Did you serve with a Elder Vaovasa? We think you two served together) the only sister serving in the Batch. We landed in Samoa and were greeted with a friendly slap in the face my the sun and moisture. LOVE IT. And my face has probably been dripping with sweat ever since. Haha! Just kidding! I truly love it, Its so wonderful here. We met President and Sister Hannaman at the airport and loved them right away. We stayed the night in the Mission home and were constantly being uplifted. I felt SO much comfort in the first few minutes of being here. I recived the call to my very first Area and my companion. 

(I am serving in the Makeke 2nd Ward on Tutuila which is TONGAN ward! So I am learning Tongan! And we proselyte and teach the Tongans on the Island. SO SO BLESSED. There are only two Tongan wards here and I get to serve with my hoa Sister Fakauho who is from West Valley and has been here for a total of 4 months! She is so great and patient with me! She knows alot of Tongan but we are now both relying solely on the Lord and our diligent studies and desperate prayers to teach in Tongan. We have already witnessed so many miracles and will continue to do just that. )

Going back to the first week: We woke up the next day in Upolu in the Mission home and went straight to work, we studied and prayed and had a training. All the missionaries serving in the close by areas got the companions, and I and a few serving in Manu'a and Tutuila had to wait a little longer. After we did a few role plays and teaching trainings we went out to the Markets and handed out Book of Mormons, President said he handed out 4 in 20 minutes! So, as soon as we handed out our first Book of Mormon I was so humbled by the respect and love of the Samoan people. They all believe in God, so as missionaries come to them they are eager to hear about Religious things. 

We than had lunch and were taken for the rest of the Day and night with some missionaries for those who didn't have companions. I got to stay with Sister Gardener (in my batch) and served with two sisters in the Upolu area. In the first night I had about 64 misquito bites and that was with bug spray. That was official welcome to Samoa. We proselyted the whole day and I was instantly humbled. The people here are so kind and giving. Even when their homes consist only of a bed and a chair. We ended the day at a Members home of Two Return missionaries. So, cool finding familiar things in a completely new place.

We were taken back to the mission home to catch our 10 hour boat ride to American Samoa. We slept on the Top of the boat on our mats through the night till it started raining on us. LOL Such an adventure. Felt like I was living the Other side of Heaven boat ride to Tonga. I technically am serving in a Mini Tonga! I have loved serving here. It's amazing all of the Tender Mercies I have had since being here. I LOVE IT HERE. I've never been on my knees more than now! LOVE YOU ALL.

My first week in my area has been incredible. I have found a love for this work and for these people I find constant strength in know that Families can be together for Eternity and that I have been called by a Prophet of God to serve these Beautiful people. I feel at times that the only thing I can do here is Smile and pretend like I know what people are saying to me, but I have learning to bear my testimony through song and smiles! I love you all So much! HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!! 

Ofa Lahi Atu! *Smoochies*

Sister Finau

Alma 26:12 

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