Thursday, October 5, 2017

General Conference & One Whole Year as Sister Finau! 10/03/2017

Talofa Lava Everyone! 

General Conference was amazing. Such a blessing to be able to receive council and guidance from the leaders of the church. Seriously had  mini excitement rushes throughout hearing the beautiful words spoken. Many answers and I hope you all too receive answers to your prayers. I felt super humble because President Hannemann us and all the office Elders to watch the Live session here in the Mission conference room. Since the rest of the mission gets to wait till it comes in Samoan next Sunday. Such a blessing. I really made sure to take all the heeding and advice from what I was able to watch. This next Sunday though we get to watch General Conference in Samoan! That'll be good. 😊

The Book of Mormon is a new Program our Mission has started up there past few few weeks. We have a tent at the Market here in Apia and we set up appointments right then and there for everyone who comes to get a  Book of Mormon that night by calling the Elders or Sisters in their area and having the person talk to them and let them know where they live in that Village. It is Incredible the Miracles we have seen. 18 Baptismal dates have been set since starting. So cool. 

The Book of Mormon is true. I know that this Church truly is The Church of Jesus Christ and that we have had restored for us in these days the right and full way to return to our Heavenly home! I am so Grateful for a Living Prophet. Christ lives! Let us choose and try our very best to always follow Him. 

Have a sweet week loves!  Love you!

❤Sister Finau

p.s. On Oct. 5th I will have been Sister Finau for a whole year. Time flies. Love this work!


Monday, October 2, 2017

More Pictures! 09/26/2017

TalofaLaavas! 09/12/2017

Talofa Lava!

Hello Everyone! I am here. Last week I was driving all over the beautiful Island of Savai'i and missed the opportunity to say hello to you all. But I am doing great! The work is even better. 

A sweet experience my companion had a few days ago is we taught a spanish man the first lesson in Savai'i and learned some Spanish. We had been in Savaii to visit the sisters who are from Samoa and only speak a little English, and it just so happened that they had an investigator that didn't speak any Samoan, a little English and wanted to be baptized. He works for the fishing boats and married a Samoan lady and they have a beautiful family. We even read the Book of Mormon with him in Spanish. He by the end of the lesson understood about Joseph Smith and about Prophets! It's truly incredible what the Lord allows the Spirit to do through sisters who just want to share the truth. He felt something nice he was explaining to us after the lesson that he wanted to feel again, he felt happy! And it was such a beautiful reminder of the Power of the Spirit. 

Savai'i was beautiful. The Sisters are doing great. Busier than ever. Loving every second.

 I am nothing. And I am reminded of that everyday. Yet I have never felt so thought of. Through all the love, peace, and JOY I feel each minute I know that Heavenly Father is aware of little Sister Finau here in Samoa. He answers prayers. He knows us. I love Him. He sent His son for us! What a wonderful thing. 

remember him. 
Alofa Atu! 

❤ Sister Finau

"As long as you are Humble, It's a Beautiful World" 08/29/2017


Good Morning! What a lovely week. Lovely in the way that the work here in Samoa is moving along. I love this work. It's amazing what the Spirit can teach someone who is just trying to be like Jesus. Haha But truly. We are meant to follow Him. And I have learned we can tell who we follow by the way we become. How we choose daily decisions especially the small things. An experience that really was cool to me happened a few nights ago during a tour. Sisters brought in a new investigator that was in school to become a Pastor. He was so kind and so humble. The spirit took away EVERY ounce of fear within me and replaced it with excitement and strength. I could see the nervousness strike my companion, but helped her remember we are all apart of One Fold with One Shepherd. And it was our duty that night to help him see that. The spirit filled my mouth with Samoan words, some I had only every heard and yet were able to use as if I had used them before. I never once felt a doubt in my mind of the capabilities of the Spirit. He ACCEPTED BAPTISM. INTO THIS CHURCH. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. How incredible. He was able to feel the Spirit and find the truth on the Earth today. The Church is true. There is NO other. No other with the power and authority of God. We are so blessed. 

I have just been driving all over this BEAUTIFUL island of Samoa visiting all these fun sisters that keep us on our toes! A new intake comes to the mission on the 5th!! And I am going to be in Savai'i for a few days with the Sisters over there soon, so life is beautiful. I am so grateful for each and everyone of you all. Especially your prayers, I feel them. 
I am so happy! Love you all very much. Read the Book of Mormon! Read 3rd Nephi 11! 

Have a great week! 

Sister Finau

Talofa! 08/15/2017


Something that President Hannemann is stressing with us to stress with the sisters is not making the work about us. I LOVE that. I know that that truly makes the biggest difference. As soon as we just work and stop thinking about what we like or what we want and humble ourselves, the Lord is able to do miracles through us. Nothing new! Other than my cute clothes!!!!!!!! Thanks mom! 

Love this work. Truly. I have never felt so in harmony with Heaven. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me! And you all. And us together as a family. We just have to prove ourselves worthy. Go to the Temple please family. LEKA! GO! Be clean. Be worthy. 
I feel like a new sister. So thankful. The office is good. Busy as ever. I want to share this message from Jefferey R. Holland I read this morning.:

The Book of Mormon teaches many powerful, provocative truths. One of them is that the nature of God is synonymous with the nature of happiness (see Alma 41:11). It also teaches, therefore, that “wickedness never was happiness” (Alma 41:10). So I ask you to reject transgression in order to live consistent with the nature of God, which is the nature of true happiness. I encourage you and applaud you in pursuing the path that leads to happiness. You can’t find it any other way.
My testimony to you is that God, your Eternal Father in Heaven, is always encouraging and applauding your pursuit even more lovingly than I. He wants you to be happy, to have true joy. The Atonement of His Only Begotten Son provides the right path and, if necessary, a new start on it, a second chance, a change in our nature if necessary. Christ is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6)—no one comes to true happiness except by Him.
President Hannemann mentions all the time another person applauding in our lives. Satan. Every single time an Elder or Sister gets up late Satan is cheering and jumping for joy. Every time we disobey even the slightest with whatever excuses to whatever gospel principle; Satan is so happy. He is the master of all lies. I know he knows this plan just as well as the son, Jesus Christ. He never wins. Christ will always win. He has atoned for our sins and is truly the way truth and life. I love Him! I am trying to be like Him. 

I love you all so much!!!! CHOOSE THE RIGHT! Christ lives. This is His church. Families can be together Forever! We just have to work for our eternal treasures NOW! 

Sister Finau

P.s. So love my cute clothes! Love you all. 

Family! 08/08/2017

Hello Family!

Surprise! My P-Day is changed to Wednesdays now. Another busy awesome powerful week here in the Office! The mission office is so exciting. There is a huge intake coming home Friday and the prep for it is so exciting. Not that I have to do anything since all are Elders, but they are all just so excited! And it just reminds me of waiting for Sake and all the excitement we felt at that time. 

Upolu is so amazing! I will always have a piece of me though in American Samoa. I am loving the New Zealand Icecream and the beautifullness. 

I have to go! Love you all to the moon and back. 

Enjoy the picture that I haven't been able to upload since I came to the office!
Sister Finau 

Howdy Doodie, Tootie Fruity! 07/19/2017

The work here is wonderful. We have a good few baptisms set. We are so loving serving together and this week has been special because President sent three other Sisters to work with us, one left on Sunday. So, now it is just Sister Long and Fuifui with us. They leave Saturday. 

President Hannemann asked Sister Hansen and i plus the Zone Leaders to Represent him in a FSY camp the island is doing this week. We taught 4 classes of Youth yesterday since president had to go to Manu'a. Such a fun time it's like EFY but called For the Strength of Youth! Such a fun experience. We had way too much fun! I want to be a councilor for EFY aftter the mission!

I wish people would just do that! Serve and LOVE. Than the whole world could be made a whole lot easier. 
I am so grateful for the time the Lord has given to me to be apart of this work. I love Him. Jesus Christ is my moments of Peace and Solace. He truly is the light and life of the world. He is everything good about me. It's all from Him. I am absolutely Nothing. Nothing. He makes me everything! That's all we taught about at our FSY class. Jesus Christ. His importance to us. And what the Atonement really is. 

What is the Atonement to you? What does the Atonement do for us? Are we using the Atonement as fully as it was meant? 

Sister Finau's questions for the Finau Family this week. Think about them. Think about Him! Love you all very very muchly. I know this church is true. Christ is the head and leader of this Church. He makes the calls and the church is being led by our sweet Prophet Thomas S. Monson today! Keep your heads up! Life is beautiful! Samoa is doing great! Baptisms here have been prepared! Pictures to come. 4 baptisms this WEEK! SO Excited! 

Have a lovely week Family! ❤

Sister Finau