Thursday, December 1, 2016

I Need Thee Every Hour 10/28/2016

Dearest Family & Friends!

What a week. The MTC is such an amazing thing! Thank you Mesake for your tips! I'm going to take those and RUN. The language is coming! I have felt a love for the people of Samoa and from them SO much this week. It might sound strange, but I love people I haven't even met yet. I love them and I get told all the days that the people of Samoa are just going to scoop me up. (And I can already feel their joy and light) I'll start where I left off last week! Saturday was TRC (Sake knows what that is) and my heart was slightly calmed as we taught a lesson to Samoan Speaking RMs. They were so patient with my Soa and I and the spirit is present when you are giving your all. Last Sunday you wouldn't believe who was only a few feet away from, talking about her beloved Father who happens to be the Prophet. . .  Sister Ann Monson Dibb!! She is just the sweetest. Her talk was about how we have all been asked to be like the Savior and that it is only through the Savior we can do so. Her talk was centered on her Father Prophet Thomas S. Monson. She listed a few of the characteristics that we can all attain:
"My Father:
Observes & Remembers 
Obeys the Commandments
Is a Loyal Friend
Scatters Sunshine
Is Happy 
Loves His Family
Is A Missionary 
Has Faith 
Is A Disciple 
She shared sweet and hilarious story about his growing up and his humorous and loving nature. Once again my heart was touched and I was reminded of what an amazing man the Prophet is. And we can all strive to develop the same attributes. She also added to her Quote: "I'm A Mormon. I Know it. I Live it. I Love it. I Share it!" Than Later that night Stephen B. Allen, who is the Missionary Manager. He is incredible. He started writing impressions for his talk in front of the entire MTC one hour before going on the stand. He decided to got solely on the spirit and it was definitely an inspired message. His main message was CHILL OUT! And I needed to hear that. Seriously. He spoke about Being a True Disciple of Christ, Loving those we serve, and Listening to the spirit. Also! Sake I read your email and nearly died. You know how the Pauga's cousin in here? We are singing together this Sunday for Sacrament! It'll actually be me E. Pauga, E. Snuka, and I singing "I Need Thee Every Hour." Oh! And Momma, I got a calling. I'm the Branch Music Coordinator! BEST. EVER. So, just thought you'd want to know that I am actually sharing my talents. LOL And I feel the spirit and "at home" most when I'm singing, especially with others who have amazing voices. That has probably been the most comforting times this week, just jamming out ( To Hymns!) with all the Polynesians here. 

Since my first week here I haven't missed a choir practice, since my soa and I are both the Music Coordinators its our calling to encourage and help our Zone go to choir. We sang "Jesus, Once of Humble Birth" for the Tuesday Devotional for Brother K. Brett Nattress. He shared with us (and once again I feel as if he answered all of my prayers. He let all the missionaries know: "Remember who you are! Remember who HE is. For fear has no lash on those who will just Remember!" Be Not Afraid, Only BELIEVE! It was fabulous. 

I just want you all to know I LOVE YOU. I think of your sweet and loving faces often and even more often than that I see my Saviors Face! Think of him family. Remember Him. For he is the way, the truth, and the light! Remember who we all need to be more like each day! He loves you and knows you. I know he lives! Have an amazing week Alofa Atu!!!

Alma 38:9 & John 14:6 

Sista Finau 

P.S. Welcoming new missionaries is the greatest! I just laugh thinking if I looked as terrified or happy as them! LOL So fun.

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