Thursday, December 1, 2016

Coconuts & Palm Trees in Provo, UT 11/04/2016

Aiga, Malo Soifua!!

O a mai oe? How has this week been for all of you?

I hope everyone has had a safe and fun Halloween!! This week has been another one to remember! I realized this week that I can UNDERSTAND Samoan! I was sitting in class and everything i could hear I understood. It was amazing! I cried a little (a lot) inside! Tender Mercies of the week. On Sunday Elder Snuka, Elder Pauga, and I! I felt for a second like I was at home. And another tender mercy was singing "Praise To The Man" for our Amazing Tuesday devotional, And all week long all of the MTC was buzzing in anticipation on who this week would be coming!  Elder Russel M. Nelson walked into the conference room and it was silent. He is the sweetest person. He made sure to shake everyone on the stands hands and say Hello. So Christ-like and so sweet. He spoke about how we need to engrave our purpose on our hearts and for the rest of our lives.

Yesterday we had to memorize the " 'O Le Fa'ana I Le Fale" which is the "speech you do before entering someones property. I love this culture I love these people and I love this language! The language is coming slowly but surely! My favorite message of this week was given my one of my Favorite teachers, Sister Kamaleti, who went on her mission to New Zealand speaking Samoan. She shared a message of the Why of her mission. Her why and my why is right here: 

Watch it and know that through Him i feel a love that doesn't come through anyone and anything else in this world. She said at times it was hard being in a place she didn't know, but that God helped her out. I know that Jesus Christ atoned my all of my pains and sins, He Lives and it's an absolute pleasure everyday to represent such an amazing person. This is His work. Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet and restore this church to the earth. I love you all very very much! I'm so excited to go out into the field! But also kinda really nervous.. You understand me. It's going to be here so soon! I can't believe it. Time in the MTC has really flown by fast, but The Lord hastens His work. And i am so glad to be apart of it and all of you are too! Remember who we are trying to become and he will help you. 

Ok I gotta go! I'll write you next week! ONE OF THE LAST TILL THE MISSION FIELD!! 

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