Thursday, December 1, 2016

Choosing To Love 10/21/2016

Dear Family and Friends! 

Malo Soifua! This week has passed sooo quickly! I feel like I just messaged yall two days ago. This week has enlightened my mind so much. I have been uplifted over and over and over again. My purpose as a missionary is taking affect in every aspect of my time here in the MTC! The Language is so beautiful! I already get mistaken for the Sisters FROM Samoa, so I know that I'm going to LOVE the people of Samoa even more knowing that they are truly my people! (The LORDS people!) 
Brother Lynn G. Robbins spoke to all the missionaries this Tuesday! He is amazing. He talked about the 6th Chapter of PMG. Go and read it. The topic was one I needed to hear for sure! He refferred the MTC to the Lords University! I loved that. BUT the thing that I loved the most about what he said was that as we choose LOVE over all, it will always work out. Choosing LOVE means choosing the Savior, as we choose him we need to use his atonement as often as possible (Somtimes every hour, if you're like me!) and as we do so, our lives will become more simple and our hearts will become softened. He is incredible! If you want to know what the MTC is like, think of having Sunday school all day everyday, eating every 5 minutes, and than being thrown (gently) into those classes and feeling the spirit so strongly but not exactly knowing what is being said. There you go! The spirit here is something I have learned you need to WORK for! And you have to love the one whom you represent with all your heart, might, mind, and strength! (And than somehow you can teach a lesson in Samoan all of the Sudden!) Jokes, but not jokes! I experienced my first time that the Lord filled my mouth on Wednesday! We walked up to the door and knocked and all of the sudden after saying the most sincere prayer I've ever said. (My Soa and I had studied so hard to teach Faletui what he needed to hear.) And all that I had practiced saying, all that I wanted to say; I could. I can't explain why I was so blessed to have had a lesson of being able to speak my mind and not read my note card, but I felt the Savior in the room. I know he lives! He loves us so much and knows the deepest desires of our hearts! I have had to show Him first though how much I love him and am willing to do to make the most out of this time in the MTC for the people of Samoa. 
I attend the temple this morning like we do on our P-Days and have found that it is the most amazing thing to do as a Missionary. The work is moving along! 

This experience is not for me! I am only the very happy and excited Instrument in the Lord's hands. It's a pleasure to be here and to represent the most amazing Person to ever walk the earth! I love you all dearly and think of you often.         

3 Nephi 27:27   


Sister Finau

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